Human Resource Management & Team building

Human Resource Management & Team building 

Human resource management is the strategic approach to the effective management of people in a company or organization such that they help their business gain a competitive advantage. It is designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives.

Developing a strong human resource management team can significantly increase overall employee satisfaction and in return greatly increase patient and customer satisfaction.

Let’s dive into how you can properly get your management and team on track for success.

Establishing your leadership as an authentic leader:

Management within any company should prove to be genuine and authentic, building trust within their team rather than evoking fear. 

To be feared is not the answer, to be trusted is. If your employees are fearful of you, they will never really show their true selves to you, nor will they feel comfortable to address concerns or ideas. With power comes the great responsibility to use it wisely. Managing people with genuineness to achieve better performance is true power.

There is no dumb idea:

Your management team must be good listeners. Being a good listener allows your team to feel comfortable and appreciated within the company. Open ears can go a long way in improving employee satisfaction. Everyone wants to be heard. Whether you agree or disagree with ideas or concerns, it’s important to hear them all out. Not only that, but show you’ve listened, you’re processing, and you’ll take all ideas into consideration rather than making rash decisions or shutting down ideas before taking time to think about it.

A particular idea may not resonate with you immediately, but instead may help lead to a better more bipartisan idea that does. Because of that there are no dumb ideas, some may just help you get to a better idea. 

Understanding different personalities:

Understanding your employees as a manager will help you better connect with them. Everyone will have different personalities; therefore, everyone will require a different approach to management. It’s not a “one size fits all” task.

Understanding your employees different personalities will give you an advantage in mediating between employees and resolving issues they may have appropriately. 

Discuss your decisions:

Even though important decisions are ultimately made by management, it doesn’t hurt to discuss with your employees the decisions you’ve made, how you made them, and why you made them. This helps employees feel included as well as giving them a sense that they were a part of the inclusive process. 

Discussing decisions made also keeps communication open within the workplace, eliminates people coming to conclusions as well as eliminating gossip. Communication keeps all decisions clear and allows everyone to fully understand them rather than wondering. 

Leadership group meetings:

Group meetings are a great way to keep all lines of communication open between employees and leadership. It’s a time for people to share ideas express their minds and connect on business matters. 

Because communication is so important within any company, weekly group meetings can keep employees engaged and on track with business matters, in return upping their overall performance in the workplace.

As the team begins to take shape:

As your team builds trust and connections and feels comfortable in their workplace, this is the time you can start delegating and facilitating tasks and works flows. Going over with your team the company values and goals will help them better understand their place and duties they must carry out, as well as what you expect of them. 

As they now trust you, you should then set rules, boundaries, and minimum standards at which they must perform at all times. Even on the lowest and slowest days, minimum standards should be met willingly by all employees.

Establish Accountability Process:

Of course, job accountability starts from Day 1 but once your team is aware of their expectations and responsibilities, you can then establish a more stricter accountability process. Accountability should be the same for everyone across the board. This will avoid any suspicion of favoritism among employees by management. Sticking to an established accountability will prove management to be authentic leaders. 

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