Pulling your Business Through COVID-19

There’s this mindset of denial and fear amongst many right now, business owners are hanging on to this hope and constantly telling themselves “when this is all over……..” “we’ll do this, we’ll do that”, planning their phasing accordingly for when COVID-19 is indeed “over”. But what if it’s never over? Then what? Are you as a business owner going to wait around for months and years to come, or are you going to be pulling your business through COVID-19?

Much like the 1918 Spanish Flu, even if we do come out with a vaccine, it could be another 150 years before the vaccine is maybe 50% effective. So why not move on, and learn to adapt? The last thing you want for your business is to be behind the curve.

            As a business owner of any kind you want your business to be ahead, to be innovative and successful. Even if what your business was doing pre-COVID-19 was working for you, it most likely won’t work now. It’s time to break what has been working, and re-evaluate. A healthcare management company can help pull you through this, as it can be a daunting task to take on, for any business owner.

            We need to determine if your current business model will survive in today’s world. More than likely your business model will need changes and restructuring. If you’re a startup and haven’t opened yet, we need to determine if now is even the right time to open. Now could also even be a good time for you to change careers if it’s something you’ve been longing for.

            Turning your business inside out and analyzing every detail is a must, starting with your leadership. This is a chance for leadership to prove themselves. They must come out of that denial and fear and have total mental preparedness for what’s to come, and come to terms with this new norm. It’s crucial that leadership is decisive and meticulous, as many tough decisions will soon be close at hand. It’s important you’re planning 10 steps ahead and thinking about the possible outcome of each and every step, this way you’ll be prepared for any outcome thrown your way.

            Change; nobody likes it, but it’s inevitable. With change comes resistance and uncertainty. It’s important to make changes subtle, to avoid any disruption in the work place. Creating a façade or perception that much isn’t changing in the work place, when really many things are changing behind the scenes, can help keep the workplace calm and at ease. Without this perception, it will be hard to get everyone on the same page, leading to a resistance to change effect, lowering employee productivity and potentially negatively affecting the whole organization.

            Big changes during this time are necessary. Surface changes will not be enough. We’ll go back to square one re-analyzing each process of the work flow from marketing/ branding, HR, accounting, all of it. 

As the world around us is changing, so is your consumer. Consumers are changing which businesses they now go to, and for what reasons. We must put the consumers’ minds at ease and give them the mental satisfaction that your business is safe, clean, and has many protocols in order. You can keep the same services, just can change how you deliver them, and give your consumers what they want.