building a network of surgeon affiliates, preserving healthcare.

Our Expertise:


Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Cath Labs

Specialty Hospitals

Dialysis Centers

team of experts

We bring about the project to its logical conclusion at the right cost. The objective is to bring the clients back for another project, another vision, another success.

Why Us

Our management is a team of experts who bring about the Project to its logical conclusion at the right cost.

Our Vision

Leadership in Healthcare management by delivering exceptional and quality service for your company.

Our Mission

To reach the unreached, & to provide expert healthcare services at the grass-root level, improving performance.

NCP Healthcare Management is a company with expert professionals in the field of Hospital and Healthcare Planning & Management. A leading Healthcare Planning firm with vast experience of diverse projects in The Greater Houston Area.

our services


Hospitals have various departments & facilities which requires detailed drawings.

Equipment Planning & Procurement

Based on project requirements and client’s needs in the consultation with us.


Using the most cost-effective & expert staff on-site at the time of project execution.

Accreditation Assistance

Demonstrating your ability to meet regulatory requirements and standards.


Implementing new improvements that will increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Revenue Cycle Management

We apply disciplined analytics optimizing patient service to maximize revenue growth.

Branding & Marketing

We collect and analyze info about consumers and competitors to give your business the best advantage in your field.

Research Studies

We link companies to Investigative sites with caring individuals seeking to contribute in the advancement of medicine.