Are you looking to add or increase research activities in your clinical practice?

The Center for Clinical Research and innovation at Spring + Heights Hospital offers numerous solutions and models to ensure that we can integrate clinical research into your practice as seamlessly as possible. Our leadership team will work with you to find a model that best suits your needs, and together we will chart a path forward. Let CCRI show you the difference clinical research can provide for your patients and practice.

Why choose us?

With our team-based approach to clinical research, you can rest assured that your I.P. is given the best possible chance for success. Our unique structure is designed to improve outcomes, maximize efficiency, and decrease timelines for our stakeholders. Teams consisting of a CRC with an MA and relevant investigators, work under the watchful eyes of our experienced lead coordinator.  We are constantly monitoring our CRCs for their workload and quality of output. As a CRO our requirements for CRAs are very stringent, ensuring that your study is being monitored effectively no matter where it is being performed.



CCRI works with physicians from nearly all backgrounds and experience levels. One of our core competencies is training research naïve medical staff, helping them to become leaders in the clinical research space.


On-site imaging technologies, including ultrasound, CT scans, and digital X-rays, plus in-house Laboratory and pharmaceutical services allow us to meet complex monitoring, storage, or compounding requirements.


Our combined decades of experience building dozens of protocols, building research networks, and managing hundreds of clinical trials is rare to find in a company of this size.

Are you a physician looking to add or increase research activities in your clinical practice?

We’d appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you!