1. Operational Audit
  • Management of IPD(Ward) & OPD
  • Medical Records management
  • Equipment Planning, Management and Maintenance
  • Management of Diagnostic services
  • Linen & Laundry Services, Dietary Services
  • Infection control
  • Hospital information system
  • Implementation of Standard Operating procedures
  • Manpower policies & management
  • Time management
  • Purchase management
  • Training & development for all levels of hospitals staff
  • Hospital Business development
  • Insurance companies tie-ups

We provide a senior manager & other management staff for a defined period of time, enabling you to implement strategies, to fill unexpected gaps in operational & or Marketing aspects.

Whatever the size of your organization, our interim managers can provide immediate solutions. We also audit, manage and monitor hospital purchases to agreed performance and cost criteria. Our methodology is an important tool providing objective assessment and departmental benchmarking. We also provide this services for the existing hospitals.

Value for Money: We aim to provide best value for money by matching the right professional resource to the right task, adding value to a client’s brief wherever possible, delivering specified outputs and fully meeting client expectations within agreed budgets.

Our Consultants have the skill to envisage the total project in its final form, and to determine whether the design concept will meet the quality care needs of patients, and allow the hospital staff to deliver this care in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

We also provide review of the existing plans prepared by local architects. Once our team has reviewed construction plans in the early stages, it is possible to improve the final layout significantly – often with an associated cost saving.

We offer specialized consultancy in Healthcare infrastructure supporting a range of key aspects of hospital planning, with the core objective of delivering a fully equipped facility, within budget, which is ergonomically designed for all specialized medical activities.