Author: Syed Rashid

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators  Key performance indicators (KPIs) refer to a set of quantifiable measurements used to gauge a company’s overall long-term performance. If KPI’s are met, this is an indicator of good standing health within an organization.           We’re going to go over the 5 KPI’s that act as healthcare standards for any practice or company […]

Want To Open Your Own Hospital?

Are you thinking about opening your own hospital, but don’t know what the best way to go about it is? There’s a lot to think about, it’s a huge undertaking, and many important decisions must be made. As a healthcare management company with many years of experience opening hospitals, we’re here to help guide you […]

Pulling your Business Through COVID-19

There’s this mindset of denial and fear amongst many right now, business owners are hanging on to this hope and constantly telling themselves “when this is all over……..” “we’ll do this, we’ll do that”, planning their phasing accordingly for when COVID-19 is indeed “over”. But what if it’s never over? Then what? Are you as […]

The ASC Approach

ASC (ambulatory surgical centers) are popping up all over America, and for good reason. What sets apart an ASC from a hospital and a private practice? An ASC falls somewhere between the two, combining the best of both worlds for both patient and doctor. While private practices are very limited to what they can do […]