The ASC Approach

ASC (ambulatory surgical centers) are popping up all over America, and for good reason. What sets apart an ASC from a hospital and a private practice? An ASC falls somewhere between the two, combining the best of both worlds for both patient and doctor. While private practices are very limited to what they can do as far as in office procedures, and hospitals are costlier and might have more unnecessary regulations for what you’re trying to achieve within your specialty.

            Why open an ASC and not a private practice? An ASC has the capability to maintain its small footprint while housing and utilizing full service operating rooms, making an ASC a safe and effective model approach. Surgical procedures have dramatically progressed over the years; most surgeries today are minimally invasive, laparoscopic and safely done outpatient. There are many specialists whom rarely, if ever perform inpatient surgical procedures. For these specialists, operating in an ASC is the preferred to get to job done efficiently and safely. 

            The ASC approach is not only in the best interest of the doctor, but also the patient. A patient shouldn’t have to pay costly absurd inpatient hospital bills if not absolutely necessary. ASC’s gives the doctor the luxury of performing surgery within their own practice, without having the strict requirements as of a hospitals’ of providing emergency care etc. a doctor owned ASC can rather focus on same-day surgical care including diagnostic and preventative procedures relevant to the doctors’ specialty, as well as continuing their normal practice all in the same facility. 

            ASC’s have been proven beneficial if partnered with other practices for and all-inclusive medical facility made up of multiple specialties. Studies have shown that a doctor own surgical center holds less risk and better performance due to their investment in the company. And because doctor owned hospitals are not permitted, a management team can help make a doctor owned ASC a reality and mitigate risks that come with starting a new practice, as well as link healthcare professionals whom might share a common interest in opening an ASC.